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Slang for someone who is using the drug oxycontin. It's really hot right now.
See: Oxycontin
They were all on the black dragon when they tried to steal that shit
by 2318Tres November 04, 2005
A term used to describe an asian person, or group of asians who walk around school next to each other, sagging their pants, wearing helly/hansen or northface coats, and with camelback backpacks.
Thus named because they thing their black, and act black in every way, except for they're absolutely asian.
CAITLIN: Why are those kids all dressed the same and waddling like they're pregnant?
NATHAN: Oh, don't worry...it's just the black dragons.
by Caitlin Perry June 11, 2008
black male's large dick. must be at least 7 & 1/2 inches
Double D showed his black dragon at show and tell and the teacher was impressed.
by Jeff Fring March 20, 2008
Its when a man poops in the girls mouth, then he will smack her in the back of the head to make the poop flow out of her nose like a dragon.
Veronica and I made a black dragon last night and she got poop all over herself.
by Harris Benson April 06, 2006