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The phenomena or awareness that occurrs and need to express it in some form or fashion, when a black person at a meeting, event, gathering, or in a large crowd feels that they are the only black person in attendance and then sees another black person.
DeMichael: "When I went to the convention, I saw Deon from accounting", I didn't know he was going so, (due to Black Allegiance) I went over and talked to him.

At the political rally, I saw another black person. (Due to Black Allegience) I didn't know her so I gave her the Sup Nod.

Can be used when a white person and a black person are together in a place where there are seemingly very few black people and the white person sees the black people acknowledge each others presence. Steve to Keisha " I saw you smile at that black girl over there, do you know her?" Keisha, " No, B.A."
by TheMammaK July 21, 2011
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