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When a woman is expected to give birth to a white baby, but ends up delivering a black baby.
John: 'Oh babe, you're doing so well...push, push!'
Crying fills the room....
John: 'What the fuck!?!'
Doctor laughing: 'Ha...looks like you had a blaccident'
by LaGoat October 27, 2011
When a well meaning white person accidentally makes a racial slur or reference about a person of color.
I brought some fried chicken over to Andre's house and didn't even think about how racist that would seem! I totally had a Blaccident!
by JenJaxon June 09, 2011
An automobile accident involving/caused by an afro-american due to poor driving ability, takes place daily in most urban areas.
Driver: Hey that's why traffic was so slow. There was an accident.

Passenger: No sir! There were negroes involved. That's a blaccident.

Driver: You're a racist!

Passenger: yes, yes I am.
by timm finnegan June 11, 2011