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Blaccidents come from unknowing use of the camera on a phone, for instance while the phone's in your pocket you take pictures by mistake, burying the real picture you took and want to find under a pile of all-black mistake pictures, or blaccidents.

Unlike butt dials, blaccidents can accumulate up to the hundreds without anyone being able to warn against what you are doing.
Oh crap, you have to see this awesome thing, here look!! -- oh wait, no that one's just a blaccident. Oh no, so is this one!!! Where is that picture!!
by Big Baby Buc October 16, 2014
When a woman is expected to give birth to a white baby, but ends up delivering a black baby.
John: 'Oh babe, you're doing so well...push, push!'
Crying fills the room....
John: 'What the fuck!?!'
Doctor laughing: 'Ha...looks like you had a blaccident'
by LaGoat October 27, 2011
When a well meaning white person accidentally makes a racial slur or reference about a person of color.
I brought some fried chicken over to Andre's house and didn't even think about how racist that would seem! I totally had a Blaccident!
by JenJaxon June 09, 2011
An automobile accident involving/caused by an afro-american due to poor driving ability, takes place daily in most urban areas.
Driver: Hey that's why traffic was so slow. There was an accident.

Passenger: No sir! There were negroes involved. That's a blaccident.

Driver: You're a racist!

Passenger: yes, yes I am.
by timm finnegan June 11, 2011

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