The shortened version of Tblajna, meaning the sound that a balloon makes when you let it go when it has been blown into.
Did you hear that ballon blaj?

Who's balloon is blajing?
by Emmy98 January 23, 2012
Top Definition
n. A dark, scary vagina that is blacker than the fiery pits of hell that is only possessed by one unfortunate human being.

v. To flash blaj or to "flaj".

n. "Margo's blaj, as strange as it is, really turns me on!"
v. "That broad was blajing everyone at Chevy Chase fireworks!"
by BryDoggyDog September 11, 2007
gettin head in a Blazer
"Man that girl gave me a real nice Bla J, last night i'm glad i bought that Blazer"
by Josh Deem March 23, 2008
how one's hair looks when it's humid outside
damn my hair's blaj today
by Mali M November 06, 2005
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