The second member of ABBA
by n/a August 08, 2003
a can or bottled beer or keg
Hey...pour me a nice cold bjorn!
A bjorn is a single beer, but multiple beers are known as bjornyan'
by freddy February 27, 2005
another term for the vajayjay, box, britney
I forgot I wasn't wearing underwear with that mini skirt and accidently flashed my bjorn.
by jayhey November 12, 2007
*Worlds most geeky person of all time.
**People who starts to cry over nothing.
***People who poop themselves.
*"Omg here comes Bjørn! i hope I'm not going to catch his geekiness"
**"Stop crying... Don't be such a Bjørn."
***"O MY GOD! Did you just poop yourself? who the hell are you? Bjørn?"
by Rillian_Zo July 11, 2008

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