A prince, a gentleman, a scholar, a protector...seeker of tiny doors...soulmate of Ava
Woman A: There is no such thing as the perfect man.
Woman B: Then you haven't met Bjorn!
by Princess Ava November 25, 2010
1.to completely destroy or defeat past the point of ridiculousness.
guy a, "oh no an asteroid's gonna hit us!"
guy b, "planet earth is about to be bjorned"
by dimitrius bjorn November 21, 2009
Deriving from swedish and islandic, the Name Björn originally meant 'bear'.
Nowadays it's often used as a synonym for a horny gentlemen, meaning someone who will keep his and your secrets, be truly loyal, honest, caring and a really good lover.
OMG! Björn boned me all night with his huge cock until we had to stop because the neighbours complained about the noise.
by mirwell June 13, 2013
Bjorn is perfect. He has beautiful blue eyes with soft, long, brown hair. Has the best abs and body. the best personality as well. He's very good at hiding his emotions. even though bjorn seems so perfect (which he is) he is the biggest douchebag I've ever met. he breaks girl heart's so easily because they fall for him so hard. by far the best kisser ever, and best at feeling you up. but don't be fooled, he talks so much shit about you behind your back, watch out. soccer is he main sport, but he also does some others.
by yes please bb February 14, 2014
Something like... "Urban Dictionary~ Bjorn; also known as that sexy, funny, awesome norwegian that makes Haley laugh. Hilarious, sexy, and just absolutely amazing, he likes to be a tease, but also can be romantic and silly at times. He's hot as fuck, even so that the sun would be jealous. One would be crazy or lesbian to not want to hit that. :I
by ThisChick November 28, 2012
1. Swedish word for bear.
2. A possible name for Scandinavian males.
Wow, that's a big and furry björn!

Björn Borg was good at playing tennis in the 70s.
by pwncopter January 07, 2013
The second member of ABBA
by n/a August 08, 2003

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