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Different variation to the term "Bitch" although not as insulting.
What up bizzat
by doodxor July 21, 2003
4 2
Currency. Shitloads of money.
Adam and Michael sure do get the bizzats. Look at those two. Rock stars I tells ya.
by flancrestenterprises March 07, 2010
1 0
Similar to "Bitch"
Yo, what up bizza bizza bizzat?
by RAGER March 16, 2003
1 1
A person who thinks that they are a hippie although the sixties are way over and gone. They listen strictly to jam bands; dress and act the part, but drive a nice SUV and throw all expenses on Dad's credit card; takes lots of drugs because it us cool.
That bizzat used to go to my high school and he always wore Matchbox 20 t-shirts.
by charlie September 25, 2003
2 3