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Different variation to the term "Bitch" although not as insulting.
What up bizzat
by doodxor July 21, 2003
Currency. Shitloads of money.
Adam and Michael sure do get the bizzats. Look at those two. Rock stars I tells ya.
by flancrestenterprises March 07, 2010
Similar to "Bitch"
Yo, what up bizza bizza bizzat?
by RAGER March 16, 2003
A person who thinks that they are a hippie although the sixties are way over and gone. They listen strictly to jam bands; dress and act the part, but drive a nice SUV and throw all expenses on Dad's credit card; takes lots of drugs because it us cool.
That bizzat used to go to my high school and he always wore Matchbox 20 t-shirts.
by charlie September 25, 2003
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