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1. When a person (usually female) wears attire that contains parts that are business-like and parts that are casual. This could mean businessy glasses with a casual blouse or T-shirt or even a pinskirt and sunglasses.

Women wearing attire that could be considered bizcaz often want to be taken seriously, but also want to be thought of as fun.

2. BizCaz is also a women's business clothing line
1. Ellen says, "Lauren, I love your bizcaz look! You work those businessy glasses and that cute T so well!"

Lauren says, "Thanks. I just wanted to be taken seriously for once."

2. I bought my business casual clothing from the BizCaz line. People really started to take me seriously now. Also, even through our business relationship, my boss Tim has realized how fun I can really be!
by forrestgumpiii July 24, 2011
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Short for business casual. One who will dress as if they have a job interview for every occasion. Typically seen in expensive jeans, sport coat, and a collared shirt under a v-neck sweater. Can be used in describing someone's style or as a nickname.
Why does he always dress in biz caz?
by BombGnarly January 11, 2011
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