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Pronunciation: BIV-VER-WACK-ING

The term 'Biverwhacking' is derived from the original meaning of 'building a wooden hut from natural resources'.

When applied in a sexual sense, however, the meaning changes. It becomes an appropriate way of describing sexual intercourse using oak implements.

These implements are generally freshly cut oak branches/twigs. Although this is the case, the rarity of the material means it is harder to source. Therefore it is becoming more popular to use commonly known trees that are widely available, such as Pine, and reuse them - to be more eco friendly.
Person 1: Do you fancy a good biverwhacking tonight?

Person 2: Yes dear.

Person 1: Let me just get my freshly chopped wood darling and ill be right with you!
by 3223 October 30, 2009
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