Inventor of the Aimbot for Halo CE. Also, single-handedly killed said game. While he didn't mean for this to happen, it still did. We blame him.
Bitterbanana really ruined CE by making that fucking bot, what a douche bag.
by Vlad The Impalerr January 12, 2008
Top Definition
Created the aimbot for Halo CE. He made it for a stupid zelda mod.
He stupidly gave the source to his " friend " who released it to the public. Though this wasn't his intention, you have to admit he is responsible for it, 100%.

As a result, Halo PC and CE online being a hellhole with constant accusations and blatant cheaters. Many people fought over the accusations and many teams suffered losses due to this mistake. All of this for a program made for a shitty mod.

Bitterbanana then promised to make project yelo, which contained an anti-aimbot which was supposed to fix the massive problem. But instead, he did nothing and only released another shitty camera mod for the community.

Why do people like him? Because the community is made up of the most retarded people in the universe. He truly should be banned from anything to do with Halo 1. I mean, for fucks sake, he single-handedly ruined an entire game, had the ability to fix it, and did NOTHING.

Bitterbanana is a name which will always be associated with the downfall of the great Halo: Combat evolved.
by TheTruthUnadulterated January 12, 2008

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