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A marvelous man that can accomplish extraordinary feats of awesomeness and amazingness with seemingly no effort.
The Biti woke up, fought 14 ninjas, saved an orphanage, completed the cinnamon challenge, learned Japanese, stopped a nuclear war, defeated a re incarnated Hitler, and cured cancer all before his morning piss.
by Bullseye5 November 21, 2010
A cute petite girl with soft light brown hair and light brown eyes. Biti has a strong personality and is nice to everyone. Biti has great nails that are not too long but not too short. All of the boys like Biti and Biti is the most popular person in school. If you bother Biti, she will always get her revenge. Biti likes to dance and do gymnastics.
Whoa I wish I could be Biti.
by PrincessLaya June 30, 2016
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