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A bad, toothy blowjob.
Ralph: How did it go with the girl you took back from the bar last night?

Robert: Not so good, I softened up after 5 minutes of a painful bitejob.

Ralph: Man that's too bad.
#blowjob #teeth #ouch #soft #blue balls #sad
by MSUDersh December 27, 2010
To stimulate an erect penis with ones teeth, resulting in bloody discomfort.
Andrew: wow, Kieth Beven just gave me a massive bite job and shredded my cock.
Graham: How much did it bleed?
Andrew: About a pint, it was so wet.
#bite job #bitejob #beven #oral sex #bitjob #teeth #blowjob #blow job
by Mr Sandy Gee May 28, 2008
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