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Benders Top Ten most frequently uttered words
10. Chump
9. Chumpette
8. Yours
7. Up
6. Pimpmobile
5. Bite
4. My
3. Shiny
2. Daffodil
And Benders Number One most frequently uttered word, the word which if uttered will bring the complete destruction of this world is

1. ASS
by Bob Stevedave August 09, 2004
Bender's catch phrase, when he met his golden counter part he said "Bite my glorious golden ass!".
Bender: Bite my shiny metal ass!

Hookerbot: Honey, you couldn't afford it.
by Elitist January 27, 2004
Bender (a character in Futurama)'s kick-ass trademark catch phrase.
Hey dj gs68! Bite my shiny metal ass!
by dj gs68 April 24, 2003
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