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a person asking another person of the (well hopefully) opposite sex to basically bite them on the neck or some other place on the body. this is especially popular in the vampiric communuity.
if it is used to the same sex then it means to go fuck off, get the hell away from me, bad idea, try me.
tina bite me now you stupid lard! *tina bites tom* *tom passes out from blood loss*
(this may happen in rare cases)
tom: bite me you stupid hacker (tom has told the hacker it might be a bad idea for him to try and hack him)
by elan of the vs clan June 08, 2007
80 512
1. (v) A slightly more polite way to say "Fuck off you prick".
Wanna fuck?
Bite Me.
by Bunny69 October 20, 2005
1633 459
I would have to beleive that originally 'bite me' was a slightly more acceptable way of saying 'blow me.' Just like people use fricken istead of fuckin.

Although I think it has evolved to really just mean something like 'Fuck Off!'
Why dont you bite me!
by abnerone April 05, 2004
1698 855
A taunting phrase, essentially meaning "I don't care," used to defend oneself's actions, characteristics, or values following an accusation.
A: You have hair on your back.
B: Bite me.

You don't like my work? Bite me.
by Daniel Kwan October 10, 2005
787 420
back off
"bite me"
by - July 11, 2003
734 525
shut up
get the hell outta here
Fuck off
Freaky F....just bite me ...and go on to the slutfest you grick
by sweetzsug January 18, 2005
634 470
a phrase used in scorn, usually used after someone either a) insults you, or b) tries to tell you what to do
a) dude: your handwriting sucks.
girl: bite me!

b) sexist dude: go do the dishes.
feminist girl: bite me!
by rainbows (no homo) November 22, 2010
252 163
also used to replace..............
Kiss My Ass!!!
by Ronnie Sixx September 07, 2003
327 375