A guy whose got saggy tits, like a 60 year old lady
that fat fucks got some huge ass bitch titties!!!
by DICKmorris July 27, 2009
The man boobs belonging to a middle aged retail manager with an afinity for the f bomb and toothpicks....sometimes goes by Perry!!
Wow look at those bitch titties!
by PuckerQueen September 07, 2005
these are a big pair of nasty man titties man titties.

Unless used in reference to a female. then it means that her breasts are verry niiicce.tig bitters
u have a big ol pair of bitch titties
by Craiger T May 03, 2007
Unbelieveable large man breasts, induced either by some sort of genetic disorder, or by excessive eating.
God, those were some bitch titties if I've ever seen any, that guy might as well kill himself now.
by TDAWG November 22, 2004
Almost the same saying as "Big Beefy Rosanne Bar Tits"

If something is going really well for you at the office, like you just reach around bug grabbed Clyd from sales or if you got promoted so hard to the point of dangling an anus.
Bob: Hey Sam, you just won the sack of the year award.

Sam: Bitch TITTY!!!
by CooneyBuss September 30, 2005
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