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A term used to describe an individual, generally a male, who in actual fact has developed mannerisms and idiosyncrasies of a women. De-voiding him of all manliness.
"Wow, Josh is acting like such a Bitchole!"

"He's brushing her hair? What a Bitchole!"

"...that's a Bitchole act!"

"Habitual Bitchole"
by Ra, Egypt Pharaoh Corp. March 07, 2013
Combination of someone acting like a bitch and an asshole. This can apply to either sex! This was derived by an actual husband and wife are having an argument, unfortunately in front of the children. They were both calling each other names, ie; you bitch! you asshole and not realizing how bad they treating each other until their two yr old responds "bitchole"
Quit acting like a Bitchole you Homo!

by sixthsense August 26, 2008
Term used to describe anything, good, bad, or ugly.
Hey, Sam, look at those bitcholes. Hahaha..
by Stef March 17, 2004
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