After taking a hoot of weed the person coughs out the smoke on accidentally.
Rookie Stoner: "takes large hoot"
Stoner: "oh dude he's bitching out!"
Rookie Stoner: *coughs out smoke
by Jakkrabbit Eddie August 31, 2006
Top Definition
When your roommate tells you all week that he's down to go to a halloween party on friday then changes his mind 2 hours before it's time.
1: "Hey man, you ready to head to that Halloween party?"
2: "Nah man I kinda just want to stay in and play video games."
1: "Oh god dammit don't tell me you're bitching out again!"
by bigbossn7 October 31, 2014
Bitching out, or freezing, is when one see's a girl or guy he or she likes and fails to make an acquaintance or give said girl or guy his or her number.
You messed up with that girl last night dude. Talk about bitching out!
by Nickkk February 29, 2012
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