The process of becoming a bitch.
Mike's girlfriend really has him whipped. The bitchification has begun.
by Shades89 May 23, 2007
Top Definition
A term coined by professor Dr. E. Meyrowitz as a synonym for colonization.

If a group of people become colonized, they become the colonizer's bithches.

An area that has been colonized can also be said to be bitchified.
Bitchification by the English was meant to expand their empire.
by krogal April 15, 2009
When a perfectly nice girl goes away for the summer and she comes back a total bitch and slut.
Jamie went through bitchification when I wasnt looking
by Martin Quagmire October 05, 2005
The process by which one person becomes another persons Bitch.
I refuse to stoop to that level of bitchification.
by Flaming Condom February 01, 2010
The indoctrination/compelling (sometimes by force) of another that causes that person or group of persons to be in subjection to or behave in a manner that is not the typical behavior of that person or group.
The bitchification of a large majority of young black males is being caused by being raised by and around majority females, and being indoctrinated with females behaviors and thought patterns.
by Silkravage September 06, 2009
the process of taking a perfectly good bachelor pad and letting a woman have her way with it before she moves in
Bitchification will produce results that undoubtedly will prevent football parties from reaching their potential
by jromm1 February 03, 2010
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