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In male prisons, the condition of being turned out for sex and made into another man's prison-wife.
The crew on C-block snatched up that new pretty-boy soon as he hit yard for their punk. He's so bitched out now they got him walk around in Daisy Dukes and Kool-Aid lipstick.
by BxMuscle November 04, 2011
1. Being Yelled At
2. A Good Talking to.
3. Screamed at.
I smacked my sister in the face, and was later
"Bitched out" by my mother.
by G2S October 08, 2005
When a person male or female just snaps at you for any reason.
My friend totally Bitched Out the waiter for getting their order worng.
by Liz A.B. December 31, 2005
When a male species tends to act like a female species after being frightened and or scared.
The other day we were at a party and I lit a firecracker behind steve and he Bitched Out like a sissy girl ,it was funny as hell
by troubledemon March 28, 2009
When a transvestite gets dressed up like a girl and does her makeup and nails etc.
tranny 1: "Hey, lets get bitched out tonight and go clubbing!"

tranny 2: "Sounds like a plan!"
by Jennifer Girl August 26, 2011
When the number of attractive women significantly outnumbers the men in a setting
Person 1: Yo man how was that party
Person : Man it was tight it was bitched out.
by cooper302c July 11, 2010
The state of being so disillusioned with the idea of forming a successful relationship with a woman, that you can't be bothered even trying.
"Man. I've been getting really good vibes off (insert woman's name here) but I still feel really bitched out"
by nick October 05, 2005