Someone gets bitched when you shake their hand and say, "Bitch."
Person 1 and Person 2: *shakes hands*
Person 1: Bitch.
Person 2: Huh? Oh damn. I got bitched.
by technicoloursunshine June 07, 2007
Also used when describing especially hard hits or crazy plays that occur during a major sporting event, particularly American football. Can also apply to homeruns or strikeouts in baseball.
If Ray Lewis or Brian Dawkins lays an especially hard hit on a player, you scream at the TV as loud as possible, "BITCHED!"

"Jerome Bettis bitched three defenders on his way to the endzone."
by Rich J January 06, 2006
when a guy does some unneccessary shit for a girl beause he thinks it will help him get some pussy even though evryone knows there is no chance of that happening
when hersh was taking the sats, steph called and said "hersh my vagina is bloody, bring me a tampon" so hersh got up, went to a&p, bought some tampax, brought it her, and left. then two days later, after hersh finishes doing all of stephs homework, and finishes walking her dog and cleaning up its shit with his bare hands, he is at his grandmas funeral when steph calls and says, "hersh im done with this tampon, come throw it out for me. hersh runs to his car, goes up in the bathroom grabs the tampon, rubs it on his cock because that is the closest his cock will ever come to her pussy and then throws it out.
by south side playa April 03, 2005
Can refer to any piece of machinery or other tangible thing that is damaged beyond reasonable repair or use.
"My car's so bitched that the rear springs came right through the floor!"


Nerd 1: My computer took a surge in last night's storm.
Nerd 2: Haven't you fixed it?
Nerd 1: No, it's completely bitched.
by BBW chaser September 17, 2004
A vinyl record or CD which has been scratched badly enough that it is unplayable.
"I lent you my Gaetano Parisio 12" and it came back bitched."

"I can't play Far Cry because the play disc is bitched."
by Andrew July 02, 2004
Used to describe something that has been but into a perverted or bastardized form.
Protestantism is a bitched version of Christianity.
by GuidoPosse69 February 07, 2005
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