Someone who has been ditched by a bitch.
Guy1: Dude what's wrong with you? you look terrible. What happened last night?

Guy2: I've been Bitched. <:|
by manilaman July 31, 2011
The state of someone whose best friend has ditched them for a hot chick/girlfriend.
"Dude, I can't believe Roy just bitched you to chase after Megan."
by rsdudm August 08, 2009
Similar to owned. When someone else proves you wrong, slaps you in the face, beats you at something.
Did you hear about when Lizzy slapped Connor?

Yeah dude. He got bitched. It was awesome. He totally deserved that.
by Jmuffin May 05, 2009
after dissing someone, shout 'bitched' rather than 'boyed'. Often used after 'yo mama' or 'like your face' jokes
1st person: your clothes are ugly
2nd person: yeah, like your face!
3rd person: ooo BITCHED!
by mercury123 December 06, 2011
A bitch that need some education.
A dumb bitch.
Person 1: Man that girls is so stupid.
Person 2: Yea, she is definitely a bitched.
by trelf20 January 31, 2011
to bitched someone is to destroy them on any call of duty game; a double kill is a bitcheded and a triple kill is a tri bitched
I'm going to bitched you
by DR MAGOOGOO November 12, 2010
Someone gets bitched when you shake their hand and say, "Bitch."
Person 1 and Person 2: *shakes hands*
Person 1: Bitch.
Person 2: Huh? Oh damn. I got bitched.
by technicoloursunshine June 07, 2007

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