Someone who has been ditched by a bitch.
Guy1: Dude what's wrong with you? you look terrible. What happened last night?

Guy2: I've been Bitched. <:|
#bitched #bitch #ditch #ditched #whore
by manilaman July 31, 2011
Top Definition
When a person gets punked by another person in any type of situation...usually when it comes to respect.
Tony walks in the mall and is with his friend and antoher guy bumps into him and its the toher guy's fault. The stranger looks at Tony and tells him to watch where hes going. Tony's friend looks at him and says "damn nigga u just got bitched."
by will hags January 29, 2003
to have been turned into a persons bitch, for a moment or eternity.
Fork got bitched when reb rammed him with that dildo, "Fist of Death"
by Jmechy February 24, 2003
in the middle in the back seat.
" hey, rays bitched this time not me!"
#middle seat #middle #seat #shotgun #driving #car rules
by miss violet October 24, 2006
Much more of an everyday usable version of Ownt,Owned,Pwned etc.

Generally used to denote some one to that of a Ho'
"Shit man she just bitched you!"

"Don't Start a fight with me, you'll just get bitched"
#bitch #bitched #owned #ownage #pwned #pwnage
by BlackStar* December 18, 2008
when someone gets completely demolished in something, generally, but not always, a sporting event.
Mom: go do your chores stevie
Steve: why dont you stop worrying about me and worry about the blood in your urine (steve then precedes to punch his mom and the kidneys
Mom: (rolls around the ground in agony)
#owned #pwned #raped #dominated #bitchd
by mikemuzzin June 25, 2007
When a person gets dissed.
You just got bitched.
#owned #diss #yo mamma #lorenzo #wow
by yaichi April 05, 2012
A term to describe one's eyes when high as fuck on weed and redder than the Devil's dank.
My eyes are sooooooo bitched, guy.
#bitched #high #weed #fuck #me #baby #redder
by Carsizzle December 25, 2010
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