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it is someone that is a real bitch...but saying that he is a bitch cunt is even more degrating
"B.C. Culbertson is my little bitch cunt"
by Jeff favs April 01, 2005
The greatest thing to call your girl/woman. Guaranteed to make things interesting.
Girl: That was so great John, you're a beast in the sheets.
Boy: Thats right bitchcunt
Girl: OOOH! Your so romantic John
by Mr.Grammar May 24, 2003
A combination of the words "bitch" and "cunt"; the definitions of those two words put together.
Jessica's such a bitchcunt!
by David Kaiser April 27, 2003
A Bitchcunt is someone who truly says something so bitchy they also become a cunt. They combine these two things. Some say it's a skill others say they are a Bitchcunt.
Oh my god you are such a Bitchcunt bitch cunt vagina pissflap
by sassyshite March 25, 2016
Bitch-cunt is used towards anyone women that is a basic bitch-cunt. You see this word was originated in a very hot class room towards a very bitchy cunt like English teacher. (warning: using this word toward an individual women will get you slapped and laid). (Caution: hopefully you're smart enough to use it properly without receiving minor erection). Using it in a sentence would be:
" Hey you dumb bitch-cunt quit giving me so much homework. "
by Adust destroyer of feels September 07, 2014
BitchCunt(or bunt for short) is the most badass term ever. if you are a BitchCunt, be proud of that because its the most epic thing you could ever be called.
Man Keisha nd Haylee are sooooo BitchCunt !
by BiittchCunt ! May 16, 2011
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