A card that every girl has. The amount of spending money a girl has on her bitch account is based on how hot she is. The hotter the girl, the more "purchases" she can make with her bitch card. Bitch cards tend to be overused by uglier females.
Girl: (anything bitchy)
Boy: Girl you ain't that fly, I am goin't have to take your bitch card away before you run up a massive debt!
by Lionell G November 01, 2007
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Top Definition
When someone says they will do something, someone may call bitchcard. If the bitchcarded person does not do the said task, they get kicked in the balls (guy) or punched in the boob (girl).
"I will eat 5 pounds of jello!" "BitchCard"
by Bmj2891 April 16, 2008
something is said by a person , stating something they will do.... if bitch carded by another person , ( yelled out by another person) the person that was bitch carded for the statment must complete the task said in 24 hours or less. or if not , the person is kicked in the nuts by that person that called the b card.
person a = "im gonna rob a bank"
person b = " BITCH CARD "

by nick , lil nick and tyler July 11, 2008
A business-like card given to females (bitches) that sparks a celebrity's interest. Given to hopeful one-night stands.
Elliott Sadler gave that pit lizard his bitch card.
by A. Lurker August 14, 2006

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