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Refers to those who use Facebook consistently to complain about their problems! Bitch, bitch, bitch!!
"STATUS: Here I am again, using Bitchbook.....Why is my life so miserable? I have another headache today!"
by wisdom66 July 15, 2009
The book we used in #1 Main Machinery Room on the Maiden Cruise & 96 Med Cruise on the USS George Washington. In it, all under aliases of course, we vented our frustrations. We also slammed each other in it pretty good. Hate&Discontent changed his name to PEACHES&Cream.
Dude, Micho was such a lifer today. He made me field-day after standing the 2-7. Not much you can do but write it in the Bitch Book.
by Schiester September 16, 2007
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