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(d. Feb. 13, 2011): Someone who goes around pretending to be fighting for political causes and women's rights, but is just using the term feminism as cover to rant and rave about everyone she hates. Bitchanist.
Woman on personals site (WOPS): Hey, I'm glad to see a man who identifies as a feminist. There aren't many of you around.

Me: Oh sure. I was raised that way - to be a feminist and a gentleman.

WOPS: What? Well, that's pretty sexist! I don't see the reason for you to be a gentleman! Then, you'd expect me to act like a "lady", I bet!!! You sexist pig!!

Me: (Uh-oh, another bitchanist ruining the good name of feminism). Ok. Good luck on your search. I'm sure your charming personality will eventually bring you far with men. SMH.
#misandry #male hating #feminism #sexism #bitch
by Jota Says February 13, 2011
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