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A woman who is morally, physically and verbally trying to degrade everyone in her path. She is the worst of the worst.

Characteristics consist of:

-having a strong since of only caring for herself.

-Everyday is her period. And she's going to let you know about it..

-Sometimes she smell's like fish or other funky things.

-She also thinks she is hot but she makes you want to kill yourself...

Victim 1: Hey man, are we having fish for lunch today?

Bitch: Fuck 'y'all, I aint waiting in no line for this. Get out da way!

Victim 2: Holy shit! Shes Bitch-strong man! Did you see her knock him into the wall trying to get to the food?

Bystander: Yeah dude, I wont fuck with her.
by Deer_slayer101 April 20, 2009
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