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verb- (bitch-pil-low)

to rest ones arms, legs and/or body across your bed partners body aka: gravity assisted hug
"just lay there and take it, I am going to bitch-pillow you"
by Berisa April 25, 2010
A safety feature used in modern motor-vehicles which inflate upon crashing to protect the driver, if he/she is a bitch.
"Wait, your car doesn't even have airbags?" "Ha, airbags, you mean Bitch-pillows."
by Qushion July 04, 2013
A human commodity in jail or prison, used for the purpose of one's enjoyment.
I'll trade you my Bitch Pillow for some of your commissary
I'd make her a Bitch Pillow for a cell phone
He can be my Bitch Pillow anytime
by Evil Devil Monkey June 25, 2015
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