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The plastic remains of a tampon after insertion.
Jeff: Yo dude, WTF is wrong with your toilet!?

Pat: This stupid fucking broad tried flushing her bitch whistle down the goddamn toilet and clogged that bastard!

Jeff: That's fucking weak....and gross dude.
by Slick Rick 'Tha Ruler' April 02, 2010
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noun. alternate word for a saxophone
And on the bitchwhistle is that black guy who plays with bruce springsteen's band.
by sniko August 31, 2008
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High-fashion style popularised due to the GFC and austerity measures, where prominent brands and logos are rejected in favour of subtler cultural capital known only to a select, fashion-savvy few (see definition of ‘dog-whistle politics’). The value and worth of ‘Bitchwhistle’ clothing and accessories are often only identifiable by a particular colour, cut or print. ‘Bitchwhistle’ style is intended to be both respectful to other members of society who can’t afford frivolity, as well as being exclusionary to those same people who may choose to purchase counterfeit high-end goods or cheaper mass produced attire.
Jane Bloggs doesn't wear Chanel or Louis Vuitton, these days her style is more bitchwhistle.
by Shassy August 08, 2012
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The high pitched sqeal produced by giving head to a flacid penis.
When an ugly, fat girl is blowing, and you cant keep it up because she disgusts you. She gets over zealous and blows a bitch whistle.
by ham wallet August 07, 2005
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