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A bitch puff is the fairy in a gay relationship (male predominantly) aka the pillow biter. the one that looks and acts like a complete fairy nonce twat. mainly used as an insult to hetrosexual males, as not only are u callin them gay, but the most gayest of the gay's, much worse than jus being gay.
I fucking hate you Steve u fuckin bitch puff!!

I hate my dad he's such a bitch puff!
by Ipkiss_uk October 15, 2009
When a girl is extremely bitchy, like when shes on her "time of the month", she is described as by this word to show just how big of a bitch she was being.

God damn it, fucking mary ate her fucking Bitch Puffs today and now I'm in pain cuz she kicked me in the nuts.
by Vitamin_Kid March 07, 2009
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