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Expresses incredulous disgust, usually in reaction to a statement that is incredible, false, or otherwise outrageous. In some cases, it can also be used to repell a minor annoyance such as a ho, a cracker, or especially a tool that won't step off from all up in your grill.

When used as an adjective, bitch please describes a quality such that one knows the subject is immature, stupid, or takes its outrageousness too seriously, and yet is somehow still viscerally cool. A good example of the feeling one might get from a bitch please situation would be bitch-slapping a motherfucker again and again at a large social gathering, and then finishing the beat-down by fadonking him in front of his grandparents.

Note: because of the origin of bitch please amongst inner-city prostitution rings, it always carries a connotation of violence. If you hear bitch please, somebody is going to get owned.
A Tool: "Yo, Samuel L. Jackson, will you sign my "Snakes on a Plane" merch? You're totally sick, homedog. You wanna come chill at my crib?"
Samuel L. Jackson: "Bitch please."
by Briefs May 14, 2006
1404 506
A word used when someone says something stupid or something like that.
The Walking Dead(lol i love it I can't help it)

Carl (little 8 year old boy) - Dad, the walkers(zombies) look so scary I'm so scared!!!

Rick (Carl's daddy) - Bitch please.
by SomeDude2003 February 09, 2014
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White guy's way of fitting in when a black guy says "nigger please" - which is when a black guy calls bull shit on you.
Guy 1: Hey you wanna go see a movie on Saturday?

Guy 2: Bitch Please!

Guy 1: Fag
by (-.(-.(-.(-.-).-).-).-) December 18, 2011
54 66
To disregard something a bitch says in one simple phrase. Bitch please can also be used when a bitch is being bitchy
Example for definition one
bitch:we should go out
you:bitch please

Example for definition two
bitch: you are such a douch
you:bitch please
by swgmaster97 February 08, 2012
28 48
origanally created and spoken by Christopher Crocker(complete homosexual, who wishes they were a girl). When a bitch is in your face you gently say bitch please. If the bitch does not leave then you take it to the next level by by saying ''for your own good bitch please.'' If the bitch still does not leave you yell BITCH PLEASE!
Shanaynay: I stole your man!

Laquisha: Ugh bitch please

Shanaynay: yeah

by Dominque James Turner October 26, 2010
36 65
a phrase to respond with when you're being pissed off by a bitch.
bitch:"girl you aint got nothing"
you:"Bitch Please"
by Lydia from NY January 24, 2006
73 113
Used to demonstrate ones apathy at being asked an offensive question.
Hoe:"Are you sure you haven't had enough?"
Baller:"Bitch please!"
by Banj December 20, 2004
112 155
General statement of acknowledgement, notably as a positive affirmation, or exclamation of delight. Can be upgraded to "Nigger please" if the preceeding event warrants it.
So... the bad news is, the zombie apocalypse is occurring. But on the plus side, I managed to get the chainsaw working so... Bitch please.

Person 1: What we eating tonight?
Person 2: Erm... pizza I think.
Person 1: Bitch please.
Person 3: We got chips too if you want?
Person 1: Nigger please!

(Note how the use of "Nigger please" (an upgraded "bitch please") is also implicit of the positive affirmation; "yes".)
by Gunishment September 11, 2011
27 71