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A word to describe someone who disgusts you and sometimes as a form of endearment. Sometimes in a restaurant you get a pickle and it sucks or you get a good one and it's awesome in your mouth.
Awwww Alicia is such a Bitch Pickle. <3

Ughh. Brianna can be such a Bitch Pickle. That trifling Bitch Pickle ate my sandwich!
by Mickey Pickels October 16, 2011
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like saying bitch but funnier
You Bitchpickle! Y did u steal my boyfriend?
by chloetee98 June 22, 2010 of my favorite insults. for when someone goes beond being a bitch.
2.sometimes used for its slightly amusing sound to lessen the insult.
Me: Dude your such a fucking bitch pickle!
Jacob: WTF! HAHA!
Me: HA!
by Felix13 April 23, 2008

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