Relevant because of a female significant other having popularity or notoriety or money.
Nick Cannon was bitchmade when he married Mariah Carey until she went crazy and he kept his cool.l
by Lucious30 December 14, 2014
Made in the likeness of a bitch.
A bitchmade man is obviously inferior to a normal one.
by Jace125 December 26, 2011
1. adj. Man controlled by a bitch.
Where's Michael? He's supposed to eat with us.

He's with his girlfriend at the nail salon.

by Bob Shutup April 01, 2004
When a person (primarily a male) is so emasculated and degraded by their significant other (primarily a female), that they become passive, obedient, and spineless.
Friend A: Hey do you want to come out tonight?
Friend B: Nah. I have to go with my girl to pick out new sheets.
Friend A: Yo, you are fucking bitch made.
by Rev94 October 21, 2012
a man who always succumbs to the will of women
james: hey guys you all wanna go out tonight to kip's?

driscoll: nah, the twins want some ice cream, i have to run to safeway and buy some for them

james: dude driscoll you're so bitchmade
by LK1234 February 23, 2011

#1. It means a man is dickless (white-boy, cracker term). Can't stand up for himself, or just is full of shit and can't take pressure. Wimp, wet noodle, spineless. Made by a bitch, beat down by a bitch, flexed on by a biotch! Like yo daddy. Used to be "faggot", but the bitch-made suckers consider that usage politically incorrect anymore.

#2. Something worthless or useless.
a. Her husband was a bitch-made banker who let his wife pull a train with my niggas.

b. The bitch-made wrench didn't work at all.
by Boogeramus April 20, 2009
A Bitch made person is a person who was financially secure or economically anchored to a surpulus of wealth bitterly known as the "rich kid" or the person who"had it made" a person who splurges in indulgence gloats and often flosses money values and norieties that they often never worked for what they bragg about nor will ever know what it is to earn money in their life and find it funny to make fun of people who've had harder circumstances also while using their unearned income to stand out in social status
two middle class kids sit in lunch
a prominenitly rich child sits at the same table with two girls sitting next to him one middle class kid is wearing vans other wearing jordans not having a lot they try to look their best the kid tells them they both have to leave cuz their poor and not good enough to sit with him the females rant the same thing after school the same thing happens the rich kid leaves the middles class say while they see him leave "don't worry when we get older and earn it all for our selfs we wont have to deal with bitchmade people like him"
by StruggleBorn909 May 12, 2015
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