a man who always succumbs to the will of women
james: hey guys you all wanna go out tonight to kip's?

driscoll: nah, the twins want some ice cream, i have to run to safeway and buy some for them

james: dude driscoll you're so bitchmade
by LK1234 February 23, 2011
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Used primarily as a gender-based slur against males that display weakness, softness, fear or girlish, effeminate behaviors. A male that refuses to stand up and take responsibility for his actions like a man. Generally a male that exhibits behaviors not normally associated with strong men such as nagging, whining, pleading, begging, blaming others for his failures or lackings, or not assertively standing his ground and letting others punk him out.
All these dudes claiming they are "good guys" but can't get or keep a woman, accept that you don't have what it takes. You are corny and weak! Change yo game and quit whining like a bitch. Damn, I can't stand no punk ass, bitch made man!"
by Ms. HeartBeat June 25, 2009
2 succeed in life by means of being a total bitch and stabbin all yo peeps in the back
lets smoke that bitch made motha fucka
by outlaw1818 July 21, 2003
Made in the likeness of a bitch; to act like a bitch ; cowardly.
You bitchmade ass nigga why you aint hit that foo???!!
by A. Reyes August 16, 2004
To have bitchlike qualities or to follow the orders of a bitch. To be lower than a man.
Quit acting bitchmade! Hold your head up and get some balls between your legs.
by DJ Glaze December 22, 2003
Something that a bitch would do.
Not finishing an entire 40.
Not sagging your pants.
Throwing away herb/liquor.
Fucking up shit that is not yours.
Being a bitch.
by Miles D yo July 18, 2005
To be Born from a bitch to be a bitch.
Watch I love New York and you'll see how tailor made acts thats a bitch made nigga.
by Eli Rivera,Ray Ray Thomas November 06, 2007

#1. It means a man is dickless (white-boy, cracker term). Can't stand up for himself, or just is full of shit and can't take pressure. Wimp, wet noodle, spineless. Made by a bitch, beat down by a bitch, flexed on by a biotch! Like yo daddy. Used to be "faggot", but the bitch-made suckers consider that usage politically incorrect anymore.

#2. Something worthless or useless.
a. Her husband was a bitch-made banker who let his wife pull a train with my niggas.

b. The bitch-made wrench didn't work at all.
by Boogeramus April 20, 2009

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