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a new girlfriend of a friend or co-worker who is particularly nasty in temper or generaly un-agreeable.
You invited that bitch hog?! Damn it Mike!
by Odin May 25, 2004
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Someone or some thing that pisses you off extremely.
My teacher is a dumb bitch hog for giving me that homework.
by Hugh3s3 August 24, 2009
Your mom
Damn your mom is a real bitch hog!
by fanatic pup May 02, 2014
My dog fucked a goddamn fat fuck pig and now the babies are mixed,oh yeah belive
The hogs weiner went up my dogs butthole you fucking retard I thought you would understand when I gave you my definition of bitchhog but noooooo
by Phillip Anderw Brown 2 February 22, 2004

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