Deh'kwon:Yo your the biggest bitch!!!
Jennifer:I know!!! Thanks!!
by asthfnerr84msdf November 06, 2008
a derogatory word that men like to throw at women. Fuck you very much for all the other definitions.

"shut up, bitch" - as spoken to any woman who challenges heterosexist social norms, any woman who leaves an abusive partner, any woman who tells a man what she thinks of him, any woman who tells a man what she thinks, any woman who displays the fact that she can think, any woman who behaves rationally or irrationally in response to the sexist culture she lives in.
by jillian brelsford February 03, 2008
Someone (usually a female) who sleeps with everone but you (as opposed to a slut, who sleeps with everyone).
Sarah is such a bitch. She wouldn't do anything with me, even though she rode Franco!
by Josh Ümlaüt September 15, 2007
Someone who cheats on you then breaks up with you and makes out with some other guy the next day at wrc.
MELANIE sure is a huge bitch.
by Elliot W June 04, 2007
A bitch is a female dog (anyone can tell you that) or a female human who, like a dog, will whimper, growl, and occasionally bite back. When someone calls a woman a bitch, the message is that she is straying from the quiet, obedient "feminine" ideal. She is uppity - and needs to be controlled. First used to describe lady dogs in 1000 A.D., "bitch" was applied to humans about 400 years later. The term has endured the test of time and is still a big favourite for putting a woman in her place. The modern twist is applying it to men. A male bitch is seen as "womanish": weak, whiny and submissive (and more than likely gay). Like some other really sharp putdowns, "bitch" has been picked apar lately in an effort to remove its sting. In the early '90s, for instance, riot grrl bands like Bikini Kill and Huggy Bear scrawled the word on their skin, screamed it out in song and openly embraced other "bitchy" behaviours, like shouting at their ans. They gave "bitch" its own ironic twist in an attempt to "reclaim" it. Aroud the same time, with male hiphop artists like N.W.A. callingwomen bitches and hos in their rhymes, female hip-hop artists worked their own magic to diffuse the bitch bomb - most notably Queen Latifah, who demanded to know: "Who you callin' a bitch?" Lil' Kim turned the word on its head once again and proclaimed HERSELF the "Queen Bitch."
BITCH. - Beautiful Intelligent Talented Clever Hot
by xX_nameless_seductress_Xx May 04, 2007
A female dog is a bitch.
That Bitch fluffy just bit me.
by Danidan April 09, 2006
People who recommend definitions for deletion.
Don't like it? Give it thumbs down, BITCH
by gfsd July 13, 2004
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