My best friend Amanda Nichols
" hey, Bitches, turn on the TV"
" I love you Bitches"
by Ophelia September 23, 2004

This word is not associated to Ladies.
A Bitch is a person who sips hot chocolate, munches on muffins, and generally entertains people around a table in a coffee shop.

Opposite 2 Hussy
Flash is so confident in himself, he can ping every light in the room without thinking of the consequences.

He is such as a sociable guy. He is a True Bitch
by Cheesypeas June 23, 2007
Babe In Total Control of Herself
Babe In Total Control of Him
She's a Bitch and quite proud of it =)
by De3 March 31, 2007
a person like shelly and vikky
shelly and vikki at faggetson jr. high
by anonymous April 21, 2005
A sexually submissive male who is used by sexually dominant men for their pleasure. Being the "bitch" is akin to being a homosexual sexslave.
In prison he was his cellmate's little bitch every night.
by knows from experience May 26, 2007
N. A person who is repulsive to all (or most) of the senses
Tanya is not a bitch...even though she may think she is, she is actually a sweet and awesome person
by huskyhawkcougar December 01, 2006
1. a girl/ woman/ teen girl who is in control of her life, and does not fear any thing, acts the way she wants and is always confidnet therefore others call her a bitch.

2. the other kind of bitch is a whiney good for nothing trash talker who wish they could be like number one^^^^^^
(1)i stole that bitches man.
(2)that bitch stole my man.

by chicabia354 March 24, 2007

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