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A term for a female canine, also a derogatory (slang) term used to label a female OR male supposedly due to their non-assertive nature...

Also pronounced 'Bi-atch'
"Go get me a beer now, bitch!"


"The bitch is in season, should have pups soon..."


"Yeah, he's my bitch..."
by tazwegion April 01, 2006
37 45
A young female who complains about everything, or everyone, usually to her boyfriend, and never shuts the hell up. To a bitch, nothing is ever good enough for them. Bitches are spoiled brats who need to shut up before they're boyfriend smacks the hell out of them.
Chris Brown beat Rhianna because she never shut up about everything. Rhianna bitched to Chris Brown non-stop, until she finally got underneath his skin and Brown rammed his fist into her head.
by CrashCarson May 30, 2011
6 15
a rude or mean person
a femail dog
my best friend,


YOU are such a bitch!
by 5555555555555555555555555dddCM January 22, 2009
2 11
Deh'kwon:Yo your the biggest bitch!!!
Jennifer:I know!!! Thanks!!
by asthfnerr84msdf November 06, 2008
1 10
Someone (usually a female) who sleeps with everone but you (as opposed to a slut, who sleeps with everyone).
Sarah is such a bitch. She wouldn't do anything with me, even though she rode Franco!
by Josh Ümlaüt September 15, 2007
11 20
Someone who cheats on you then breaks up with you and makes out with some other guy the next day at wrc.
MELANIE sure is a huge bitch.
by Elliot W June 04, 2007
7 16
1. (to a man) any woman other than his own mother
2. female dog
all bitches are hoes

by theoneverdies May 25, 2007
15 24