Someone who is good at making a sandwich and babies.
Person A: Hey man I just did it with a bitch last night.
Person B: How was it?
Person A: Not bad, she made me a pretty good sandwich afterward.
by Killer Koke Kan April 21, 2009
a woman that keeps on barking and never stops with a big booty!
stop barking bitch your so annoying and get your big ass out of my face!
by little miss goth girl April 19, 2009
the definition of a bitch is a FLUFFRAT. in other words. Hasan.
"wheres fluffrat at?" "his being a bitch"
by wilsonsflufffffffffffff February 17, 2009
A woman who seems to be pmsing constantly. as in being bitchy
Kaylie is being such a bitch today. i swear she is on her period.
by tinytim128 January 28, 2009
1) A very mean girl that thinks highly of herself and no one else

2) What girls call their friends in a joking way

3) What pimps call their hoes

4) It's ok for a girl to call another girl a bitch but NOT ok for a guy to call a girl a bitch (it's sorta like calling a black person the 'N' word)
1) mean girl: ew where did you get that skirt? its like hideousss!

2) girl 1: steph you are such a bitch!
girl 2: I KNOW LOL!!

3) Pimp: bitch where mah money at?!!?

4) Guy: stop being such a bitch!
girl:........your an asshole
by disturbed101 December 30, 2008
That bitch makes my sticker peck out.
by AlexVail December 27, 2008
Your Mom
Your Mom's a bitch
by Wanghis November 15, 2008

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