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Brandon Donker, dutch-indonesian dude
Damn Brandon is a huge bitch.
by joel hobson October 25, 2006
Pronunciation: B itch es
Function: Adjective

Origin: English Slang

a greeting from one friend to another not often derrogatory but simply another name for a person you know.
Rico:Damn bitches what took so long with the drinks?

Paul: Hey ,recognize bitches it takes time.
by rico03 March 07, 2006
1)some one who is easly offended
2)some one who takes it in the ass in prison
3)some one who hates you for no reason
4)some one who doesnt take shit but still cant back them selfs up
1) i said her boyfriend had a flatface an now shes pissed for ever at me-stupid bitch
2) pick up the soap bitch.
3)i said hey an she called me an asshole
4)you: shut up bitch them: NO-so you hit them
by A-l-i-x February 04, 2006
non-plural form of being a dumbasses or just plain retarted like Antonio
Antonio, "Hey whats up..."

Amro, "Nm Jc BitChes"
by amro October 12, 2004
females,girls,iratating people.
that hoe ass bitch get on my last fucken nerve
by Kandi Kisses June 09, 2004
The word Bitch used to have only one meaning. However now a days, the word Bitch can mean several different things.

1. Bitch- (adj.) A word to describe a female dog.
2. Bitch- (adj.) A derogatory term used to describe a female who is a nag, rude, annoying, or disrespectful.
3. Bitch- (adj.) Another word for hoe, whore, or prostitute.
4. Bitch- (adj.) A derogatory term used to describe a male who is not acting manly.
5. Bitch- (n.) A person who is a slave to another person, both in sexual and non sexual terms.
1. When the man asked me about my dog, I told him she was a bitch.
2. Man, today my girlfriend was being a real bitch.
3. Look at the booty on that bitch!
4. He used to be cool, but now he is a real bitch.
5. That's my bitch over there. Hey bitch, get me some coke!
by sffbeatpmles December 21, 2009
1.) A woman who is mean-spirited and hostile.

2.) To nag or complain excessively.

3.) A female dog.

4.) Implying that someone is property of someone else.
1.) That lady is such a bitch, she has some nerve telling me it's my fault I'm fat.

2.) All he does is bitch all day about how his girlfriend always leaves the toilet seat up.

3.) Steven's bitch just had 8 adorable little puppies.

4.) Wanda became Stephanie's bitch in prison.
by starsinthetwilight February 19, 2009