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Usually a female dating a extremely sexy male. When this female is seen in public things don't go so well. When seen they can usually be run over or possibly bitch slapped. The best thing for this type of female is to lay low and stay in the dark. No one wants to see them.
Oh shit look at that bitch, I don't want to see her stupid ass up in here
by WUTITDOh June 01, 2010
someone, who for no good reason, refuses to publish a word on urbandictionary
"your a bitch"
by ----axiom---- February 06, 2010
What a wanna-be alpha male calls a woman who will not have sex with him.
Dude: "So, ya wanna suck my dick?"

Woman who, until she says this, is either a whore, slut, alpha female or prized piece of ass: "No."

Dude: Sneers, "I bought you a drink ya fuckin' Bitch! What the hell's the matter with you?"
by Elder_8 July 30, 2009
kendall jackson she sucks her little brothers dick every day

person 1: kendall is a whore
person 2: yea she is she
Person 1: i think she is a trani
person 2: yea she talks like a man and looks like one to
fucking bitch
posting shit bout me in the urban dictionary
go fuck ur self man whore

she is a freak talks like a man looks like a man
by ego122 May 27, 2009
Someone who is good at making a sandwich and babies.
Person A: Hey man I just did it with a bitch last night.
Person B: How was it?
Person A: Not bad, she made me a pretty good sandwich afterward.
by Killer Koke Kan April 21, 2009
a woman that keeps on barking and never stops with a big booty!
stop barking bitch your so annoying and get your big ass out of my face!
by little miss goth girl April 19, 2009
the definition of a bitch is a FLUFFRAT. in other words. Hasan.
"wheres fluffrat at?" "his being a bitch"
by wilsonsflufffffffffffff February 17, 2009