See Bitch
1. (Noun) More than one stupid Cunt, whoring around looking to fuck anything that has a dick.

2. (Noun) A male or female group of pussies.
Where my bitches at?!
by Beast November 19, 2003
(1)A confident, attractive woman that doesn't take anyone's shit.
(2)Someone who refuses to fight, or is scared to fight.
(3)Someone who is scared of something, often something stupid and rediculous, and minor.
(4)A man who is completely whipped by a woman.
(5)A man who doesn't argue.
(6)A woman with a bad attitude and or bad temper.
(7)A woman who tells everything straight up and bluntly.
(8)A non-spayed female dog; or, a female dog used for breeding. Bitch is a term officially recognized by the UKC and AKC.
Woman: "Go get me a drink, go throw this away, and oh, don't go to the game this weekend and mow the lawn".
Man: "okay".


Man: "Hey baby, why don't you come back to my place tonight?"
Woman: "Sorry, I don't sleep with trailor trash."


Woman: "Get out of my chair, asshole".
Man: "You're such a bitch."

by ;] 29th June 18, 2007
Tha gurl is a b.i.t.c.h. tha id love to f*ck
by Tony B. October 05, 2005
Another word for feminist.
There goes that bitch blabbering about the extra rights she has as a woman.
by hmmmmmm October 06, 2006
A term used for anything.
For Example:

Ay Man I seen a Corvette today, that Bitch was loud!
Dude that hat is sweet, let me get that bitch!
by Jordan Stevens April 17, 2007
1.More then one bitch.
2.Derogatory term for more then one woman.
1."Then the bitches will procreate and have puppies... Horray puppies!"
2."Where my bitches at, foo?"
3."Bitches! where's my keys?!?"
by "Duke" December 28, 2004
there are many definitions of the word bitch. Some of them are as follows.

1) Verb, the act of bitching far to much. whining, moping, or just being annoying about stupid shit

2)Noun, a female who is all in all, not pleasant to be around. They usually travel in packs and each group of friends has teh DBF. Designated Bitchy Friend, Also See DFF (designated fat friend)

3)Noun, the receiver, or catcher in any homosexual relationship

4)Noun, one forced to perform petty tasks for another, often hoping for their acceptance, and maybe even gratitude in return

5)The middle seat in any car. This is refferrd to as "sitting bitch". This can be settled in many ways, the most common of which is that the littlest one is forced into the middle where they can look forward to scrunched knees, shoulders, and a general uncomfortableness. However, in the case that a female is present, she is automatically elected to sit bitch. she then is forced into the middle because god forbid that the boys legs touch when they dont have to.
1) John was bitching all night, he just kept whining about how shaylee dumped him. what a tool.

2)Wow, chrissy is such a bitch. I dont see why ashley and them hang out with her, her bitchiness actually rubs off on them. She is definetly the DBF.

3)Jake Jillenhall in brokeback mountain...thats all ihave to say.

4)Jake just went and got me another beer and some hot wings, he is most def. my bitch for the night.

5)Ok josh, your the smallest get in the middle. O wait, Natalie is here, Nat sorry girl but your gonna have to sit in the middle. I dont want Jakes gayness rubbing off on me. So hop in, looks like you'll be sitting bitch
by The gibber June 08, 2006

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