Was once referred to a female dog, but now is used in this context.

A woman that:

A) Will have sex with everybody, but you.
B) Won't do (what you in your feeble mind) want her to.
C) You work for, that tells you what to do, and you don't like it.
D) A successful woman.
E) A down right drama queen that makes yours, and everyones lives around her misrable.
F) A control freak that always thinks she is right, and constantly corrects everyone.
That bitch Laura would suck a monkey through forty feet of garden hose before she even kissed me!!

All I wanted was my hash marks washed out of my underwear, and that bitch Laquisha never did it!

Mrs. Cole is a class a bitch, she never even looked at my proposal for coffee filters in the break room.

Nancy Green must have been a real BITCH to have gotten that far.

If I have to hear that BITCH LiAnne whine none more time about how terrible everything is in her life, I swear I will hang myself.

Donna, you self rightious BITCH, go "F" yourself.
by SirLabia March 20, 2006
Beautiful Individual That Causes Hard-on's
Yall ppl can hate all yall want, i know imma B.I.T.C.H
by meme October 07, 2004
1: Noun
A generally derogatory term for women; specifically women who act in an unpleasant manner-- often associated with women who are bitter, jealous, or malicious.

2: Noun
Women who are attrative, slutty, or both; hoes.

3: Noun
A term used to describe people (male or female) whom one is not fond of.

4: Noun
A group that is acting cowardly when confronted with a dangerous, illegal, or exciting situation

5: Adjective
Being extremely desirable to females or very "cool;" sexy, hot, etc.

6: Verb
Objecting to something or complaining in an unpleasant manner.
My girlfriend's friends are real bitches; they never let me get a moment's peace when we are all together.

Rappers get more bitches than Jesus.

People from Canada are bitches.

Stop being bitches and help me steal these giant letters from the CVS Pharmacy sign.

Man, grandad, if you get them to pimp your ride, you'll be bitches!

My girlfriend bitches all the time.
by Ben H. King March 16, 2006
Old usage: a female dog (slut became a euphamism for bitch in the 1800s)

-Use one: a domineering, spiteful female (although little is said criticizing domineering, spiteful males, who are sometimes known as arseholes)

-Use two: the subserviant person in a sexual relationship (or a term for a servant).

-Use three: verb. "To complain" about something.

"Bitch" (spiteful woman) in other languages:

Bosnian: kucka f
Breton: louskenn f, liboudenn f
Finnish: narttu
French: chienne f, salope f, garce f, chipie f, rosse f, putain f
German: Schlampe f, hure f
Hungarian: kurva, ribanc
Interlingua: puta, putana f
Italian: stronza f, troia f
Lithuanian: kale; f
Norwegian: tispe f
Polish: suka f, dziwka f
Portuguese: puta f, vagabunda f
Russian: cyka f
Scottish Gaelic: galla f, siùrsach f
Slovak: kurva f
Spanish: puta f, culeda f
Swedish: slyna c, subba c
-"What a cute doggie! Boy or girl?"
-"She's a bitch."

"Kyle's mom 's a bitch, she's a big fat bitch,
she's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world,
She's a stupid bitch, if there ever was a bitch,
She's a bitch to all the boys and girls!" -Eric Cartman from South Park

The lyrics can be applied to any body that we hate!

"Ann Coulter's a bitch, she's a lyin’ bitch,
She's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world,
She's a stupid bitch, if there ever was a bitch,
She's a bitch to all the Liberals!"

I'll stop bitching about that nasty bitch right now.

Peppermint Patty is the butch; Marcie is the bitch/femme in their relationship.
by Lorelili February 14, 2006
ain't shit but hoes and tricks, now lick on the nuts and suck the dick
bitches and hoes, man. bitches and hoes.
by pizzaman2o1o January 04, 2008
a woman that dominates,controls and destroys a mans finances,mental health,self esteem and any hope for happiness
my exwife is a self-proclaimed bitch
by greg keith June 19, 2005
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