A bi sexual bitch. A guy/girl (mostly girls) that is bi sexual and takes advantage of vunerable people that are testing out their own sexuality.
lola's such a BI-tch, she told me she liked me after i told her i was BI curious, but right after we got with each other, she dicked me over, and hasn't talked to me since.
by LEZbian August 15, 2008
1. Female dog.
2. Woman who is really just a cunt
1. My dog is a real son of a bitch.
2. That bitch made me late for work.
by PENIX May 18, 2005
An insane narcissist whore, usually referred to as your Ex/Wife.
"Miley is such a bitch, she acting all for the 8======D!"
by Stanny Boy March 30, 2015
Bitch=Female Dog
Female Dog barks
Nature is beautiful
Dick 1:Hey see that girl over there?
Dick 2:Yeah she's a BITCH.
by rickadvivi May 29, 2014
1. A female dog.

2. A user, a female that takes advantage of others or objects and doesn't give back.

3. A person who complains about nothing.
"Your Bitch is cute."
"You are one useless Bitch on this planet."
"Stop Bitching Joe!"
by UrbanDictionary144 April 07, 2014
Somebody who spreads lies about other people and break up relation ships because she doesn't like one of them them. Really onnoying person.

Hey bowen, isn't jasmine is such a bitch!?


true dat!!! Bowen
by Mcloven January 11, 2014
(1) An extremely harmful term used to refer to the female sex. Often interchangeable with woman.

(2) A sexist slur used to demean a person by equating them to a woman.

(3) A woman who does not bow down to the every word and whim of men. Usually louder, more assertive, and more aggressive than patriarchal society would prefer a female to be. Simply put, a woman who behaves like a man.
(1) "I love bitches!"

(2) Tom: "Hey man can you give me a hand with this box?"

Joe: "No. Don't be such a bitch."

(3) Man: "Yo ma what's good?! Mmmm that ass is lookin fiiiine today!"

Woman: "Go fuck yourself."

Man: "Did you hear how that girl talked to me? What a god damn bitch!"
by My black cat is German December 17, 2013

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