A female dog. This word is also used to offend females.
- My dog Ajitpal is a bitch.
- I hate Jaspreet, she is such a bitch.
by Ajitpal May 30, 2005
the regular female normally very do-able(guy slang)
look at all them fine bitches
by trey November 28, 2003
someone with a fuckass attitude 24/7
"Do you know Jose Obando?"
"Yeah that dude is such a fucking bitch!"
by @_________@ October 28, 2014
1.) a female dog
2.) a rude person
3.) a demeaning term used by men to taunt women they are often attracted to
1.) yep my bitch is about to have puppies, we are so proud.
2.) Jesus she is such a rude bitch
3.) GUY: hey bitch want to come warm up my bed it's pretty cold

GIRL: fuck off
by Evilone June 06, 2014
Bitch=Female Dog
Female Dog barks
Nature is beautiful
Dick 1:Hey see that girl over there?
Dick 2:Yeah she's a BITCH.
by rickadvivi May 29, 2014
1. A female dog.

2. A user, a female that takes advantage of others or objects and doesn't give back.

3. A person who complains about nothing.
"Your Bitch is cute."
"You are one useless Bitch on this planet."
"Stop Bitching Joe!"
by UrbanDictionary144 April 07, 2014
A woman who pisses people off catches attitudes for no reason acts bipolar think that shes better than anyone else or too good for anybody that is very unladylike shake her ass for money plays stupid Hardheaded and does bitchful things in sometimes used for women in general
Guy 1 : why is she acting like that? like she got a problem

Guy 2 : duh because she's a total bitch
by Marcus brad February 13, 2014

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