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A woman who pisses people off catches attitudes for no reason acts bipolar think that shes better than anyone else or too good for anybody that is very unladylike shake her ass for money plays stupid Hardheaded and does bitchful things in sometimes used for women in general
Guy 1 : why is she acting like that? like she got a problem

Guy 2 : duh because she's a total bitch
by Marcus brad February 13, 2014
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Somebody who spreads lies about other people and break up relation ships because she doesn't like one of them them. Really onnoying person.

Hey bowen, isn't jasmine is such a bitch!?


true dat!!! Bowen
by Mcloven January 11, 2014
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A different way to pronounce the profanity for female dog, but pronounced with a heavy I and T sound. This style comes from the character Jesse Pinkman from the show Breaking Bad. Jesse says "bitch" a lot in the show, and a lot of fans who watch it copy the way that Jesse says that word.
Jim: yo, what up BITCH!
Larry: Dude, you watch too much Breaking Bad.
Jim: Shut up, BITCH!
by MagicMikeandikes November 05, 2013
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Any girl who is skinnier, prettier, or more popular than you.
"look at how pretty she is!"
"what a BITCH."
by tessixo May 26, 2013
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1-Many women
2-females or a derogetory term
3-Girls You have had intercourse with
1-See all those Bitches over there
2-Bitches be trippin
2-Bitches stay haten
3-I get way more Bitches than you
by a house nigga February 01, 2013
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(1) Original: A female dog.

(2) Pejorative term for a woman, in particular one who is rude, obnoxious, stupid, mean, ugly, impatient, domineering, hateful, evil, or just plain unpleasant to be around.

(3) pejorative, contemptuous insult for a man, as it implies cowardice, homosexuality, and weakness.

(4) In many western prisons, a male prisoner who is used for sexual favors.


(1) To whine and complain excessively.

(1) Like a bitch in heat.

(2) She is such a bitch sometimes, I swear.

(3) You're just a scared, little bitch.

(4) You don't want to go to jail here. Likely you'll end up someone's bitch.


(1) All that guy does is whine, bitch, and moan.
by garcalej January 26, 2013
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1 - A female dog

2 - An overused word used to insult
"You're a bitch!" Jill yells, to her ex-best friend Melanie. "You're a bigger one!" Melanie yells back, showing the middle finger.
by FrancisGurl January 20, 2013
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