1. Beautiful Individual That Creates Haters
2. A female dog.
3. One who acts like a female dog.
4. A person, usually a female, who is often annoying or rowdy.
5. One who won't shut their damn mouth.
Sara! Stop yelling at me your acting like a total bitch.
by xBlueEyedBiitch December 19, 2010
1. A male whose balls have not dropped and thus acts likes an annoying and whiny female; he is often so whipped by his counterpart that he does/wears/thinks/says whatever they tell him to.

2. A person who performs tasks for another, usually degrading in status.

3. A female with a bad attitude who says things that if she were a man, she would be confronted for or assaulted.

4. A female dog
1. Tom is such a bitch, he does whatever his girlfriends tell him to

2. Go make me a sandwhich , bitch.

3. Guy 1: Stacy called me a pussy last night.
Guy 2: What a bitch! If she were a guy she'd get punched for saying shit like that.

4. Guy 1: Is that dog a mixed breed?
Guy 2: No way, got a pure breed bitch here.
by Blahh69 December 14, 2010
If a woman does several of these actions they are acting like a bitch:

1) Have sex with you and then flirt with another guy right after sex
2) Invite the two guys she is dating to the same party
3) Leaving the guy ALWAYS with all the bills.

(Assuming she has money too and other arrangements have not been made)
4) Thinking you are superior to others
5) Ignoring others needs, and putting your needs above others needs. OR sabotaging others needs, so you can have your needs met.

For example: Cutting in front of an hour long line at a restaurant so you can get a seat.
6) Dressing Sexy, while treating people like shit, and thinking you deserve the world, and people should bow down to you, and do whatever you say just because you are hot.
7) Or the opposite of not taking care of yourself at all, and letting guys walk all over you, and abuse you; listening to others while they treat you like shit
Parking in a red zone, because you are in such a hurry.

A Woman who gets paid money for sex, and is treated like shit

That bitch is interrupting me again so she can talk about herself again. WTF????
by Bitch Definer May 11, 2010
a girl who talks about you behind your back; acts as a friend; decides your not good enough. may start rumors and drama all about you. term used mainly in middle school.
"uhm, i like _____"
"oh bitch,well now i dislike you because we used to go out."
by *brokenheart* February 06, 2010

1. the new black

2. (obsolete) a former term of approbation for a woman who acted too forward, self-assured; a woman who did not conform to the patriarchal dictate that women be quiet, submissive, and un-opinionated.

3. the female of a dog, fox, wolf, and sometimes other beasts.
Boy: "Why is that woman wearing such an heavy air of confidence and demonstrating such dead-on assertion?"

Friend: "Haven't you heard? Bitch is the new black."
by Ms. Froward January 08, 2010
a female dog.
if there is something wrong with the bitch then there is something wrong with the pup.

-harry potters aunt lol
by asexygirl March 28, 2009
Anybody who is !purposly! mean to othere ppl or purposly have an attitude all the time.or doesnt care about any1 els.
but if they have a reason to be mean or have an attitude they are not a bitch.
and care for other ppl
other person--Can i have a peice of paper?

bitch--no damn why don't you bring your own u lazy ass
by Juggalettebaby:) October 07, 2008

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