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Anybody who is !purposly! mean to othere ppl or purposly have an attitude all the time.or doesnt care about any1 els.
but if they have a reason to be mean or have an attitude they are not a bitch.
and care for other ppl
other person--Can i have a peice of paper?

bitch--no damn why don't you bring your own u lazy ass
by Juggalettebaby:) October 07, 2008
your teacher or your sister or your principle etc.
sis-hey bro o broke ur ipod,sorry!
bro-U BITCH!!!!

teacher-go to the principles office now!!
u-as u walk out u wispher or think 'that bitch'......
princile- office-go to detention
u-u frekin bitch
by mz1995 August 17, 2008
They ain't nuthin' but hoes in dress.
First you get the paper, then you get the power, then you get the bitches!
by D-Man Brandt November 09, 2006
A female dog. This word is also used to offend females.
- My dog Ajitpal is a bitch.
- I hate Jaspreet, she is such a bitch.
by Ajitpal May 30, 2005
the regular female normally very do-able(guy slang)
look at all them fine bitches
by trey November 28, 2003
A person who purposely is an asshole for no valid reason and makes people's lives hell. Not to mistaken for someon who speaks the truth. The bitch is the dickhead who has NO RESPECT for others OR themselves. A bitch is a caniving, ludicrous bastard who gains pleasure from seeing others in pain. A bitch is he who lies and manipulates and can't face the fact that he is a backstabbing cock sucking asshat.

A person who speaks from their heart is not a bitch. They are real.
You are the BITCH, bitch
by love_maiden July 24, 2014
1.) a female dog
2.) a rude person
3.) a demeaning term used by men to taunt women they are often attracted to
1.) yep my bitch is about to have puppies, we are so proud.
2.) Jesus she is such a rude bitch
3.) GUY: hey bitch want to come warm up my bed it's pretty cold

GIRL: fuck off
by Evilone June 06, 2014