Bitch which also means female dog, and dogs bark, and bark is in trees, and trees are nature, and nature is you are beautiful don't let anyone fool you with this "mean" word.
Even if I call you a are beautiful..
by Ionee May 19, 2016
1. to complain
2. a mean or unpleasing lady
3. a hard thing to fix
4. a foolish, ignorant, or stupid man

sometimes bitch is pronounced bi-tch and be-atch
1. People are bitching about it.
2. She is such a bitch!
3. This car's a bitch to fix.
4. Don't test me you bitch!
by Heckler The Dragon July 04, 2016
1) A female dog
2) A stupid and annoying person
3) A girl
1) I want to buy a bitch
2) You're a bitch!!
3) Look at that bitch, she's hot
via giphy
by WhyNotGuy2010 March 10, 2016
Bitch in the olden days use to mean female dogs, but has us humans devolped we thought it would be a best word to use for some one who is being slutty or a whore or just plain mean.
Person 1: God Lyndsey is such a bitch!
Person 2: Ikr she thinks that just cause shes a cheerleader she can boss everyone around!
Person 1: Yeah she is so a whore.
Person 2: Agreed!
by Skaterchicc__ August 29, 2015
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