1.) a female dog
2.) a rude person
3.) a demeaning term used by men to taunt women they are often attracted to
1.) yep my bitch is about to have puppies, we are so proud.
2.) Jesus she is such a rude bitch
3.) GUY: hey bitch want to come warm up my bed it's pretty cold

GIRL: fuck off
by Evilone June 06, 2014
Often used as an insult to describe a weak or fearful male either before or during a confrontation.
"Quit being a bitch and fight me, bro."

"Why don't you hit me, bitch?"

"He won't watch scary movies because he is a little bitch."
by Jax Smith November 10, 2013
A female dog
Hey! that dog is a bitch
by caneye April 30, 2015
() A female dog.
() . It is usually used to decribe a girl, but can be used for any gender.

() Recently, Bitch has been used as a compliment, like people use the term Bad Ass.
this ones for you abbi 😘 ]

((Insult)) Colin is such a bitch!"

((Female dog)) "The bitch just had puppies.""

((Compliment)) "Kaitlynn is a boss ass bitch.."
by Smh.You.Will.Find.Names.Srry April 06, 2015

1. A person who often insults people while proudly claiming it to be for personal entertainment when, in fact, this person is upset for personal reasons and insults others in attempt compensate.
2. Person who holds subtle envious grudges towards good friends. Often attempts to degrade them when given the chance.
3. Female dog.
Person 1: Hey dude, check this out.
Person 2: You're gay. Shut up.
Person 1: You can't stop being a bitch, huh, Rob.
by justforkikz March 29, 2015
A female dog or a way to discribe someone being annoying
1.I'm gonna buy a bitch at the pet shop

2.man stop acting like such a little bitch
by itscat March 07, 2015
Usually some ugly ass girl tryna sass you up, technically a female dog.
Don't mess with me bitch, I'll get you back when the sun don't shine!
by Whyhewwoder March 04, 2015

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