In the gay life bitch is used freely, as a positive statement, meaning that you like the person doing what ever act they may be doing..mostly a drag queen
Work Bitch
Get it Bitch
by Trebs October 19, 2008
1) once originally reffering to women, now used in almost all contextes to describe feminine males, your property (psychological property of another person that is) or just some bitch.
2)also, as many of you may know, bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks, they lick on these nuts and suck the dick, then they get the fuck out after their done, so i can hop in my ride to make a quick run...
3)bitches be hoes
kelsey blicharz, the chinese gymnastics team, journey - bitches
by the tortise September 14, 2008
your teacher or your sister or your principle etc.
sis-hey bro o broke ur ipod,sorry!
bro-U BITCH!!!!

teacher-go to the principles office now!!
u-as u walk out u wispher or think 'that bitch'......
princile- office-go to detention
u-u frekin bitch
by mz1995 August 17, 2008
A bi sexual bitch. A guy/girl (mostly girls) that is bi sexual and takes advantage of vunerable people that are testing out their own sexuality.
lola's such a BI-tch, she told me she liked me after i told her i was BI curious, but right after we got with each other, she dicked me over, and hasn't talked to me since.
by LEZbian August 15, 2008
1.) The female equivalent of an asshole. This can be an insult or a compliment, depending on the context.

2.) To whine

3.) A subservient person, especially in a sexual situation.

4.) A female dog

5.) An abstract expression that Dave Chappelle often uses to start or end a sentence.
"That cashier didn't smile. What a bitch!"

"Oh stop bitching. She was just tired."

"Yeah, and besides, being a cashier sucks. You're basically the customer's bitch, until they leave the store."

"Speaking of which, that bitch I was dog-sitting for is pregnant! We're trying to find homes for all the puppies."

"I'm Rick James, bitch!"
by Sally Shears December 06, 2014
A woman who decides that men aren't everything in the world. A woman who takes leadership in her job/social activities. A smart woman who will not fuck and suck at first sight. A woman with great self respect who can bring down a mans ego. A woman who will not stand for disrespect just because she is a woman. Men are afraid of these women, so they call them a bitch.
She set mark straight after he slapped her ass, so he called her a bitch.
by Buttholebitchface May 14, 2014
A human female that is considered irritating, bossy or annoying by a majority of people she is introduced to.
"Jeez, Ms. Wellman is such a bitch! She lost fourteen of my assignments this semester!"
by TheMegaWeazel January 03, 2014

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