1 - A female dog

2 - An overused word used to insult
"You're a bitch!" Jill yells, to her ex-best friend Melanie. "You're a bigger one!" Melanie yells back, showing the middle finger.
#fuck #bitch #insult #word #overused #female #dog
by FrancisGurl January 20, 2013
Being In Total Control of Herself
She was being in total control of herself (B.I.T.C.H.)
#biotch #woman #slut #slute #bitch
by JEnicaP July 30, 2006
a woman that has the social skills of a Hitler.
"why is she such a bitch"?
#asshole #whore #prostitute #lesbian #insecure
by burntdep May 13, 2009
Noun: Bitch (bich):

A miserable person who sucks all joy and happiness out of life, and makes life a little less worth living by her consistently shitty attitude. When not complaining, her drama and gossip will fill the void. He or she (but usually she) refuses to do something with a group, and will forego hanging out with said group unless they're doing something she wants to do. She will put her interest ahead of others every single time, just for the sake of being a bitch. A bitch hates fun.
"Hey guys, sorry we can't check out that cool new Brazilian restaurant, Janet is being a bitch."
#whore #bich #noob #women #woman #black and white
by diemotherfuckerdieffs April 07, 2010
Anyone who takes pride in pissing you off.
shut it, bitch
#clone #baby #bitch #shut #it
by clone baby September 26, 2008
The new, accepted substitution for the word "Please". But, only when used in the plural sense. In the singular sense, it just means what it is. Also, if you are into being more cultural, you may use it in Spanish as "putas" instead of "por favor", or any other language of choice, as long as the plural sense is used. Also to use "bitch, bitches" to say "bitch, please" is not an acceptable use of "bitches". Bitches, remember that it is good practice to be polite.
"Can you please hand me the remote?" would then be "Can you bitches hand me the remote?"
#bitches #please #politeness #substitution #manners
by mydnytdeath June 19, 2006
Any woman that pisses me off!
Lobster and the opera and all I get is a handshake? You Bitch!
by Pud May 31, 2005
a bitch is a female dog
a bitch is a female dog,
dogs bark,
bark is a part of nature,
nature is beautiful,
so thank you for the compliment
#bitch #compliment #bark #dog #nature
by Satan with a Perm June 21, 2010
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