1. A Female Dog (what everyone knows)
2. A word of praise meaning "fine" announced to woman
3. The term for riding in the middle seat of a vehicle
4. A insult that is taken lightly by stupid women
5. An insult to a woman
6. The man taking it up the ass in prison
7. When used in reference to a man it is equal to "pussy"
1. "The bitch has a litter of about 4 pups now"
2. "damn Bitch you are so damn juicy ME WANT ME WANT"
4. Man: You fucking BITCH
Woman: thankyou
Man: no what i mean was the reference of bitch meaning
equal to a 'fucking cunt' not as in nice ass see
somehow when i say something offensive you think
that i am complementing you however that just
proves you are of lesser intellegence than me

5. Man: "Bitch!!!"
6. "yeah you like that huh you little bitch, yeah thats
7. Friend: Tom you little bitch just jump!!! I DID
by Snow_Death November 16, 2006
Someone who's snobby, stuck up, and won't give you another chance. Someone that doesn't even have a reason to not like you or be mad at you, but does. Someone you deeply care for but she doesn't give a shit. Probably a female, most common name for a bitch is Rachel.
Rachel is a bitch.
by Carl loves Richard. January 24, 2010
A word that seems to be tacked onto every phrase nowadays.
Do my laundry, bitch.
Send me some love, bitches.
Doin' the h dub, bitches.
Hey. bitches.
Fuck yeah, bitches.
by i swear to drunk i'm not god October 19, 2005
Any female who is selfish, rude, and ungrateful.
A female who thinks they're better than others and hates anyone who dosen't match up to them, such as people with disabilities.
A bitch only cares about herself and her friends, and all she cares about is partying and getting drunk.

Bitches are bullies. They get pleasure out of hurting others.
A bitch is one of the worst pieces of scum on the planet.
by Foxface September 25, 2013
The literal meaning being: A girl or woman who is rather a pain in the a$$ or just plain rude.
Jenna: Oh my god! I can't believe you did that! Like omg your such a big fat sh*t, i can't believ-
Alex: Jenna, stop being a bitch!
Jenna: Excuse me?
by MagicManOfMagicPersonalities September 20, 2013
A Female Dog
My bitch had puppies.
by urbanfan10101 October 04, 2008
A person who purposely is an asshole for no valid reason and makes people's lives hell. Not to mistaken for someon who speaks the truth. The bitch is the dickhead who has NO RESPECT for others OR themselves. A bitch is a caniving, ludicrous bastard who gains pleasure from seeing others in pain. A bitch is he who lies and manipulates and can't face the fact that he is a backstabbing cock sucking asshat.

A person who speaks from their heart is not a bitch. They are real.
You are the BITCH, bitch
by love_maiden July 24, 2014
A woman who decides that men aren't everything in the world. A woman who takes leadership in her job/social activities. A smart woman who will not fuck and suck at first sight. A woman with great self respect who can bring down a mans ego. A woman who will not stand for disrespect just because she is a woman. Men are afraid of these women, so they call them a bitch.
She set mark straight after he slapped her ass, so he called her a bitch.
by Buttholebitchface May 14, 2014

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