1. A Female Dog (what everyone knows)
2. A word of praise meaning "fine" announced to woman
3. The term for riding in the middle seat of a vehicle
4. A insult that is taken lightly by stupid women
5. An insult to a woman
6. The man taking it up the ass in prison
7. When used in reference to a man it is equal to "pussy"
1. "The bitch has a litter of about 4 pups now"
2. "damn Bitch you are so damn juicy ME WANT ME WANT"
4. Man: You fucking BITCH
Woman: thankyou
Man: no what i mean was the reference of bitch meaning
equal to a 'fucking cunt' not as in nice ass see
somehow when i say something offensive you think
that i am complementing you however that just
proves you are of lesser intellegence than me

5. Man: "Bitch!!!"
6. "yeah you like that huh you little bitch, yeah thats
7. Friend: Tom you little bitch just jump!!! I DID
by Snow_Death November 16, 2006



Control of

"Shes a B.I.T.C.H."
by B.I.T.C.H. May 10, 2005
"sentence enhanchers" for talking to girls
"bitch, get in my car!"
"i said on your knees bitch!!!"
"move bitch, get out the way!"
"where's my money bitch?!!"
by scotty2hottie August 04, 2005
a female dog
That bitch is in heat.
by Bobbi August 12, 2003
Damn you're a freakin' B.I.T.C.H!!!
by aki tsuchiya February 05, 2008
A women with a terrible attitude that likes to complain about a lot of things.

never has anything nice to say, but always has an awful comeback for everything.
This Bitch Fayesha, thinks she is the nicest person in the world.
by billybobthorton55 December 05, 2010
In modern day language, a highly disrespectful way to refer to any woman.

Mostly men use it because they don't care for the respect of their female counter parts, but women just as idiotically and without reason use it.
Dumbass: You, check out those bitches. They are hot aren't they?
Smart One: Bitches? That's how you refer to women?
Dumbass: Yeah. They don't deserve no respect, yo!
by IareWHITE February 01, 2010
Roughly 95% of all the girls in your average high school. They are known for pairing themselves up with jackasses (roughly 90% of all the boys in an average high school). Usually if you're trying to get a girl and you're neither gay nor a jackass, you're S.O.L. until college
Ordinary Guy: You look nice today.

Girl: Stop looking at my boobs, you perverted bastard!

Ordinary Guy: Well, I'm sorry. If it's not on the menu, don't put it out there! Jesus Christ, what a bitch!

Jackass: You look nice today.

Girl: How about we go to your car and have sex?

Jackass: Sounds like a plan to me. Don't tell the other girls I stuff, okay?
by the dirty liberal July 13, 2009

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