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An exceedingly whipped guy who does/wears/thinks/says whatever his girlfriend tells him to.
"He is *so* her bitch."
"How can you tell?"
"He's wearing plaid."
by Anon. May 08, 2003
Someone who's snobby, stuck up, and won't give you another chance. Someone that doesn't even have a reason to not like you or be mad at you, but does. Someone you deeply care for but she doesn't give a shit. Probably a female, most common name for a bitch is Rachel.
Rachel is a bitch.
by Carl loves Richard. January 24, 2010
The most versatile word in the english language.

1. adjective - An insult, usually followed by "ass nigga."
2. pronoun - Woman.
3. noun - a. A spiteful woman. b. A forced servant, typically used for a boyfriend who is controlled by his girlfriend. c. A whiny person.
4. verb - To complain.
5. Interjection - Often said when someone has just hurt themselves, usually preceded by "Son of a."
1. *man punches another man in the face during a fight* *backs up* "Yeah, what now, you bitch ass nigga!!!"
2. "Damn, that bitch is fine!!!"
3. a "Man, this bitch is driving me fucking crazy!!!" b. "Get my drinks, bitch!"/"He is definitely her bitch now." c. "Quit being such a bitch!"
4. "Stop bitching, I'll fix the damn sink."
5. *man accidentally closes door on fingers* "SON OF A BITCH!!!"
by King of D.C. August 16, 2008
The only proper response to "jerk".
Sam: "Jerk!"
Dean: "Bitch!"
by ~ a fangirl. March 28, 2013
Your ex-girlfriend.
Dude: Hey are you still with that girl?
Other Dude: No, she's a bitch.
by SirSquashedBeetle March 13, 2013
Bitch can mean alot of different things to people. It means a female dog but society or maybe a particular culture have created their own meaning. I hear girls call themselves a bitch but in their mind it could mean a strong aggressive female, but in my opinion females who call themselves this from my personal experience are all trash. Your heart guides the mind and also says alot about your spirit. A lady will never tell a man you are worthless because she doesn't find you attractive or appealing but a bitch would. A lady does not threathen to get you killed because you said something she didn't like but a bitch would. With all due respect this bitch mentality came from rap music, Lil Kim, Trina, and so on. Bitches are a poor excuse for a woman.
she's a bitch because she was rude to me
by koolkid980 September 03, 2012
a conceited up tight girl, usually in pageants and president of some major group in high school, easy going at first but a well dignified suckubus, the only way to avoid one is to avoid BH.
Look at that one bitch, she was the EX president of drama. :D
by Astroboy15 June 12, 2010
The most creative, intuitive, intellectual yet fun, spunky girl you'll ever encounter. She probably collects vinyl and wears eclectic and fashionable clothing. She may seem odd, bitchy, annoying, crazy, etc. at first, but that's just a defense mechanism she uses, only revealing one side of her until she feels at ease in a situation. Get to know her and you'll see she's a dreamer and lovely butterfly! You better make her MVP bae before some cute musician snatches her up! Plus she may have booty.

Guy 1: Have you met Lena Camille?

Guy 2: Oh that chick in the jean jacket? She's aight.

Guy 1: She's an excellent writer and poet...She's also a music junkie.

Guy 2: Really? She seems stuck up to me.

Guy 1: Nahh, nah man, just talk to her. She's pretty chill.
Stuck up

Thanks. Thanks alot.
by love_maiden July 27, 2014