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A polite way of calling someone a 'cunt'. Bitch with a capital 'B' would be a super bitch, bitch on wheels, etc. Bitch with a capital 'C' ('C' being the first letter in 'cunt') is a clever way to get around saying the word 'cunt' in mixed or professional company.

For full effect, when saying this about someone, be sure to exercise the proper body language. I.e. raise one eyebrow, give a 'knowing' look, and slightly nod your head. Afterwards, follow up by saying, "You know what I'm saying?" and continue nodding to gain agreement from your audience.
Senator Clinton thinks she's all that, but really she's nothing but a bitch with a capital 'C'.

Lurlene think I's gonna work overtime tonite off da clock jus so she can make her bonus? Shiiiit! She be smoking som'tin. She ain't nuttin but a byatch with a capital 'C'.
by cagedape July 11, 2009

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